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Chinese crested dogs are classified in the so-called dwarf dog sizes. toy in IX. FCI group – Dogs for companionship and entertainment. (Therapy dogs)


Always cheerful and playful, rarely angry and aggressive.
The main entertainers in the family, affectionate, easy to learn, adaptable to a new environment, calm, stable character, adore children. They are not nervous or barking. Due to their good character, they are also ideal for novice owners. They are great for living in an apartment because they don't shed at all, they don't have fleas, they don't smell, they are clean and easy to care for. They are adaptable to the owner's habits, so they will enjoy lounging on the couch, but also actively participate in your activities.

up to 5.5 kg
Females 23 - 30 cm
Males 28 - 33 cm
13 - 15 years


The Chinese crested dog comes in two varieties

Hairless (HL)

They come as completely hairless with scant hair on the head, tail and paws, or partially de-coated on the head, neck, tail and paws. They require regular bathing once every seven days and skin care with a suitable cream.


It got its name because the softness of the hair resembles a soft pillow or cotton ball used by ladies to apply powder to their face (powder puff). The long-haired variety is covered with soft, silky and long hair that requires regular brushing and care.

Health in general

These are generally very healthy and long-lived dogs with the recommendation that they be purchased from kennels of educated breeders.

Care & nutrition

The hairless (HL) variety requires regular bathing once every seven days and skin care with a suitable cream. The skin is best cared for with natural preparations. Natural peeling based on ground black coffee and honey, shampoos containing milk thistle oil, chamomile or nettle extract, calendula skin balm and coconut oil are the right choice for skin care. Due to the partial growth of hair on the back, it is necessary to groom the dog additionally by shaving.

Long-haired (powderpuff) should be bathed with a mild shampoo, and after shampooing apply a conditioner and dry the dog with a hair dryer with moderately warm air while combing with a soft brush. Natural hair care oils are preferred and you will enjoy the softness and shine of the hair.

The dog's diet is based on super premium food. The main meal is best given in the early afternoon so that the dog can excrete excess fluid (urine) by the evening, digest the meal in peace at night and completely cleanse itself in the morning. The dog has a strongly developed sense of order, so if at all possible it is preferable to feed it every day at the same time. After a meal, he needs peace. Water must always be clean and available.

It's good to know!

Due to its size, clean skin and easy hair maintenance, the Chinese crested dog is an ideal house dog, especially in urban areas and for living in an apartment.
Due to their light and adaptable character, they are ideal for novice owners.


Chinese crested dogs are always cheerful and playful, never angry and aggressive.


Allergens are caused by proteins found in saliva. This breed does not drool and its skin does not flake, so it is classified as a hypoallergenic breed.

You, child & dog

Chinese crested dogs are the main entertainers in the family. It will brighten your every day and make you smile from ear to ear. There is no hair on the carpet and furniture because they do not shed, there are no fleas and they do not drool. They are affectionate, enjoy their proximity due to the warmth of their skin, they learn easily, they are adaptable to new environments, they are calm, they have a stable character and they adore children. They are not nervous or barking. They are often in the role of a therapy dog.

Life in an apartment

Due to their size, stable and light character and clean skin, i.e. no shedding in the case of the long-haired variety, they are ideal for novice owners, living in an apartment and in urban areas.

Protection from winter

In winter, when leaving the warm home, the puppy should be dressed in a coat to protect it from the cold and temperature difference.

Sun protection

Since the hairless variety (HL) has little or no hair on its body, it is recommended to avoid strong sun in the summer, just like us humans.

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